Accompagnatore is a friendly and free iPhone and iPad application made for all the musicians who would like to  play or sing along with experienced musicians or choristers.

    Accompagnatore is a library of classical scores synchronised with an audio recording featuring two separate tracks: the accompaniment itself and the  interpretation of the theme. The quality of interpretation and emotion are there!

    It is therefore possible to adjust the sound level of the referent interpretation’s track.

( Even to mute it to play with only the accompaniment! )

    A cursor scrolls on the score and display the notes to play in time.

    Pages turn automatically.

    For working a special part of the music, it will be possible to loop parts of the score.

    Display is automatically suited to iPhone or iPad, and works in landscape or portrait mode.

    The repertoire is for violin, cello, flute and singers: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

                This is the perfect tool to learn quickly new pieces of music with fun!

Accompagnatore ...?

All your comments are warmly welcome!

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Available in the App Store included in your iPhone or iPad.
You can use free demo of all titles 10 times. Try it!